Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holy Birdshit, Batman!

Geez, try to take a day off from blogging and just look what happens!

We got news of the Pooping Puffin yesterday morning at Garth Turner's campaign office shortly after Esther arrived, checked her email, and we suddenly heard her scream "OH MY GOD!!" from her office.

At first we thought the screen capture had to be a joke - something someone had Photochopped and tried to fob off to make the Liberals look dumb. There was certainly not sign of poop on the actual website any more, and who could believe that Mr. Iron Fist of Doom would ever have allowed such a juvenile piece of poop to see the light of day? But then I ran across K-K-K-Katie's sneering reference to it at SDA and I knew that it was really, truly true.

Best news I'd heard all day.

Oddly, after all the fuss and bother over pooping puffins, there is still one detail of this repulsive piece of web art that has gone virtually unnoticed:

FYI for you non-hunting types: that's not a shotgun, or any other type of gun one would ever use for hunting - puffins or anything else.

That, my friends, is Michael Ignatieff holding a military assault rifle. Much like the type of weapon that Kimveer Gill used in his rampage at Dawson College. Much like the ones the Quebec coroner in the case recently recommended, and Dion agreed, should be banned.


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