Sunday, June 29, 2008

Regrettable Food

Final evidence that Western Civilization deserves everything that's coming to it:

Best of all - it's organic! And in case you think it must be some sick joke... it's not.

Apparently it costs $5.99 and makes about 20-28 pancakes per can. As opposed to the fifty or sixty you can get out of a box of instant pancake mix that costs half as much. But hey, then you'd actually have to go to all that trouble of measuring powder and water and mixing it together with a spoon.

We're all doomed.


BTW, Happy Pride Week everybody! For some reason, every year events conspire to keep me from attending the parade, but I'm there in spirit (unlike some). Have fun!


  1. Here's another mealtime favourite:

  2. I had pancakes for breakfast the boring "old-fashioned" way.

    By the way, you have a troll hawking his wares above dawg.

  3. I'm going to find out whomever invented that batter blaster product, stick a can in each of his ears, and press the nozzles until batter is coming out of his nose.

    Happy Pride Week!