Monday, June 23, 2008

Garth Turner on 'The Green Shift'

As promised, here's my brief encounter with Garth Turner before he did his requisite blah blah blah at the Milton Strawberry Festival (don't ask - it's a local thing).

I still have a lot more questions, so I hope to have an opportunity to finish my "interview" in the weeks to come.

BTW, I can't help thinking that if we had a Conservative MP here in Halton (ok, other than Garth), that the second he saw some chick with a video camera sneaking up on him from around the corner he would have FLED.

Access. It's all about the access, man.


  1. Whooee! Nothing like a dozen pipers to drown out a blathering politician. Good video, Jennifer.

    I don't think I'd be able to get my MP to hold still for something like that. Of course, I'd never get a chance since Diane Finley rarely sets foot in her riding.


  2. HAHAHA. It took "When the Battle's O'er" to stop him talking, lol.

  3. The bagpipes at the end were funny.