Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gas Pump Attack Ads: Epic Fail

Gee, and here I was really looking forward to registering my objections when I filled up this evening:

Tory attack ads may never air at gas pumps

OTTAWA — The Harper Conservatives' plan to run anti-Liberal attack ads on mini-television screens at gas pumps in Southern Ontario is backfiring because the company that was to place them is refusing.

The 15-second ads, featuring an animated blob of grease criticizing a yet-to-be released plan by the Dion Liberals to put a tax on carbon, were to begin running Tuesday until July 7.

Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow said the company, the Fuelcast Network, refused to take the ads Monday morning.

...Fuelcast said it became aware of the political nature of the ads only on Sunday, when one of them was broadcast on CTV's Question Period. The company has said it reserves the right to not play an ad with a political message.



The Conservatives, of course, are threatening to sue. It's going to be one helluva summer.

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