Monday, July 7, 2008

Yo yo yo! (snort)

This embarrassing incident has been all over everywhere today, but for me what's even funnier than Bush calling, "Yo, Harper!" is the rather vigorous nose swipe right before. With his right hand, no less. The hand that he uses to shake hands with all those world leaders.

Watch closely now...

Nice. Classy.

Well, nobody can accuse these boys of being 'elitist', now can they?


  1. How come our Prime Minister is not in first name basis with the US President?

  2. Because Bush thinks his first name is 'Steve'.

  3. It would have been classic if he'd answered "Whatchoo want Dubya?"

  4. Several years ago Bush was at a summit and was photographed eating.

    Not a pretty sight. You can see what he's chewing. I pray there's no sound to go with it.