Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Green Shift vs. Green Shift

I originally had a bit of sympathy for this company, and certainly the Liberals could have handled it better. However, when Green Shift Inc. founder Jennifer Wright appears on CTV boo-hooing about how badly their business has suffered since all this publicity came their way, and all the emails they've received threatening a 'boycott' of her company (and you know who those emails are from), I get a little suspicious.

When she claimed that her company had all but vanished from the results of a Google search on 'green shift' under the onslaught of hits for the Liberal plan, you know I had to check it out...

Well whaddaya know. Look who's number one.

Cry me a river.

(posted by Jennifer Smith - not to be confused with Jennifer Wright)


  1. The more this unfolds the more this seems like nothing more than an intentional Streisand effect

  2. It's her company and her trademark and she has a right to be ticked. The Libs were careless and brazen and deserve to have their hands slapped.
    I fail to understand your contempt for this lady, whose company, it would appear, is pursuing the goals that I figure you agree with?!

  3. Let's get this straight for just a minute here:

    Stephane Dion insists that his carbon tax will provide the impetus for the establishment of a so-called "Green industry", full of companies like Green Shift Inc that will help the rest of us be more environmentally sustainable, and eventually emerge as a global powerhouse.

    And the first thing he does en route to establishing this "Green industry" is infringe on the trademark of a company pioneering that very "Green industry"?

    Not wise.