Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Let a Few Facts Get in the Way of Sound Government Policy?

As we all shout "Hallelujah!" at Dalton McGuinty's apparent change of heart on mandatory ethanol levels in gasoline in Ontario, Stephen Harper continues to defend his government's unwavering support of biofuels because... well, just because.

"There are several causes to the recent rise in food prices and biofuels is probably a factor, but we're convinced that the far greater factor is actually the rise in energy input costs for the production of food," he said.

"We're convinced"? Really? By whom? Based on what evidence? Because really, when governments around the world are being forced to re-think their biofuel policies in the face of studies like this one, and even the oh-so-capitalist World Bank is saying that biofuels have caused a 75% jump in food prices, one would think that even someone like Mr. Harper would find that convincing.

Apparently he finds these guys even more convincing:

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