Friday, July 18, 2008

Salt Spring Dispatch #1

Greetings from Salt Spring Island, BC!

I have never been to the west coast before. Never been west of Chicago, in fact, so there are all sorts of little things that keep letting me know that I am someplace very different. The trees. The mountains. The smell of the air.

Even the deer look a little... different.

My husband says they're just the same, but I think they're smaller and redder.

We went for a walk down by the ocean yesterday and found these things hiding behind rocks to get out of the sun.

I didn't think living things came in that particular shade of purple.

We also wandered around downtown Ganges and watched this fella having a grand old time rolling around on the dock in the warm sun. Just like my cats. Only bigger.

My only complaint about BC so far is that everything costs so much more than back home. Particularly the car rental rates, which turned out to be double what we would have paid in Ontario. Not something you want to find out as soon as you arrive (yeah, my bad for not reserving).

The cost of the ferry has also caused us to re-think a few of our plans, but I am still determined to hit Vancouver even if it means an expensive three hour ferry ride and a hotel room so we have time to actually do stuff while we're there.

So, Vancouver's on for Monday-Tuesday. Today we were going to cross over to the big island and drive up to Tofino, but the morning got away from us. Maybe Sunday.

Any suggestions for our itinerary are welcome. We're here 'till Wednesday.


  1. Cool stuff. If I could make on recommendation it would be to drive the 99 sea to sky highway to Squamish or Whistler. Quite a beautiful vista when the construction vehicles aren't around.

    The beaches of White Rock are also quite nice. But you better get someone who's been here longer than four months to tell you more.

  2. Salt spring (and the rest of the Gulf Islands) are beautiful, enjoy your time there because it certainly wont be enough.

    As for Raph's suggestion it is a good one, but if you have enough time I suggest you keep driving once you hit wistler, past pemberton and all the way to lillooet, making a stop at Joffre Lakes. The first lake is onyl about a 5 minute walk from the hwy and very nice (though perhaps to cold to swim in), and if you have time the second and third lakes are well worth the hike which should last a couple of hours.

  3. I just found your blog and it was interesting to read your take on the west coast. We moved from the midwest US to Vancouver Island and it has taken some adjustment but it is well worth it. The drive to Tofino is spectacular but we have yet to venture to any of the Gulf Islands. Funny comment on the purple starfish - those things are all over the place!! I see you made it over to Vancouver - it's an awesome city and I hope you had a good time.

    Safe travels back home.

  4. The deer may appear different because they are black tail deer. Have fun while you're here. I'm on an other Gulf Island -- Mayne.