Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three Out of Four Ain't Bad

Aw, c'mon - nobody really expected the Libs to take Saskatchewan.

As of right now, at OMFG in the morning on Tuesday, things are shaping up as follows:

Toronto Centre is Rae's by a landslide, as expected. More importantly, the Green Party's Chris Tindal is so far placing second. SECOND!! Wow! Word is that Chris kicked some serious ass at the last debate, so it's nice to see that sort of egghead stuff actually paying off as votes.

(Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to root for the Liberals. So sue me. No, wait...)

A similar story in Willowdale, although there the Greens are about 250 votes behind the NDP. Still beating the Cons, though. I used to live in Willowdale, which makes me wonder why my father ever wanted to live there.

(aw, shit - Chris just dropped to third again.)

Vancouver Quadra has also gone to the Libs, although only by about a thousand votes so far. Nice to see the Rhinos back in the game.

And then there's Desnethé--Missinippi--Churchill River. Whatever...

And Chris is back in second again - by TWO VOTES!!! I can't take this anymore!!!

Going to bed. G'night.


And the Liveblogging Wit Award goes to K-K-Kady at ITQ:
"It may be 2am before we know what the results are in Desneth√©–Missinippi–Churchill River, which I am hereby nicknaming DMCR for the duration, since I just can't type that out every time I want to talk Saskatchewan. Frankly, typing 'Saskatchewan' is enough of a fingertrap."

Ctrl-C Ctrl-V, baby.


  1. Uhhhhh.....

    Jennifer, the Lotuslandian one was way closer than the puddin' heads originally thought.

    (details/blow-by-blow at my place)

  2. Well, the Liberals won it the last time there was an election there. If Liberals really want to claim their position is strengthening (as opposed to weakening) since the last election, they should hold all the ridings they have.

    Except they didn't.

    They won two strongholds and came awfully close to losing in a third.

    As well, Ralph Goodale should be a very lonely Liberal loudmouth nestled in the heartland of Conservative country.