Wednesday, December 24, 2008

That Jobs Meme

Thanks to RA, I finally got tagged for balbulican's This Is Your Life jobs meme. Here's how it goes:
It’s simple. Just list all the jobs you’ve had in your life, in order. Don’t bust your brain: no durations or details are necessary, and feel free to omit anything that you feel might tend to incriminate you. I’m just curious. And when you’re done, tag another five bloggers you’re curious about.

And here's mine:

class newsletter editor & publisher (grade 5 - I charged money)
guitar busker
telemarketer (newspaper subscriptions, then chimney cleaning services)
food court sandwich maker
Canadian Tire stock girl, then cashier, then stock girl
art gallery co-owner (at 18, with my boyfriend - it lasted 6 months)
artist (sold one painting)
occult shop sales clerk ("would you like some High John oil with your Seven Powers candle?")
tarot reader
mail-order wood crafts business owner (still)
self-published author
print shop clerk & typesetter
web designer
Ren Fest merchant
soap maker
genealogy researcher
video store clerk
movie critic
freelance writer

I still do the last five.

My husband's list is possibly even more eclectic (and considerably better paid); it would include licensed watchmaker, leather movie props maker, and particle accelerator lab technician.

I've lost track of who has been tagged already, but how about Saskboy, Simon, Alison, West End Bob, and Scott.


  1. Tarot reader. I have to admit that made me chuckle. My mother has tarot cards but damned if I know how it works.

  2. I wanted to learn, so I read a book, memorized the meanings, and took the cards and a blanket out to the Byward Market in Ottawa, along with a jar and a sign that said, "Tarot Readings - Donations Only".

    I got pretty good, but then some woman got a little too into it and started coming into the store and then calling me at home all the time asking for readings on everything from her love life to which apartment she should rent. That's when I quit.