Monday, December 1, 2008

Political Abuse

Sure, sure, it's all about fiscal restraint...

Meanwhile, Conservative sources, in not-for-attribution-based interviews, said Mr. Harper's attempted strategy to cut public subsidies to political parties was a brilliant attempt to "kill" his political enemies.

"This is brilliant. This is good stuff, it's just that the timing is really bad. There's just so much money for the Conservatives right now, it doesn't harm them one little bit. In fact, I'm sure they'll get more money by doing that from the grassroots. It's good stuff and it really hurts the other parties. It kills them, it kills the enemy," said a former senior Conservative Hill staffer.

The source, however, questioned the timing of the move, arguing that the Tories just won an election and considering the economy is slowing down at a fast pace, uncertainty at the highest political levels is the last thing that the Canadian economy needs at this time.

"We don't need this shit. We're already having trouble and to have a government that is on the edge for no reason is stupid.... This is not helping our economy, this hurts," said the Conservative.

I'll say it again: any back-pedalling they do at this point is irrelevant because they have already demonstrated, time and time again, that they are not remotely interested in working with the opposition parties for the betterment of the country. They have only two priorities: advancing their agenda at all costs, and destroying their opponents. Period.

Like an abusive spouse, they apologize, they buy flowers, they say they've changed. But they never change.
"Naw, baby, I didn't mean it - I was just drunk, I swear it'll never happen again, I really mean it this time - see, it's just a little bruise, just put a little make-up on, it'll be fine, I really love you, you know I do - no, baby, please don't call the cops - you call the cops on ME YOU BITCH?! I'LL TEACH YOU TO..."


  1. "Enemy" says it all doesn't it? Anyone, or group, who is not of the same rigid mind-set & has the same beliefs must be destroyed. Sick.

  2. To put it all in perspective I think the constitutional expert participating in TVO’s “The Agenda” put it correctly. We elect a parliament, not a prime minister, we are not the U.S. and do not have a presidential system. The party that gets the most votes gets to run the country so long as they have the confidence of the parliamentary representatives that we have elected.
    Whilst the non confidence vote may be centered upon the recent fiscal update I believe that the loss of confidence in this government has its basis in the many antidemocratic actions by Mr Harper and his party over the last 2 years. They are far too numerous to document here but a small sampling includes the parliamentary dirty tricks handbook, the partisan 10%ers sent out in the millions prior to the election, the muzzling of diplomats, bureaucrats, government scientists, firing of “independent” commission chairpersons without due process, the list goes on.
    Now they have the gall to call the actions of the rest of the parliamentarians in seeking to form a coalition “anti democratic” and instruct their followers to bombard the media with totally inaccurate and misleading “talking points”. Whether or not their financial plans are good or bad it is their attacks upon democracy that must be stopped and as they seem incapable of any kind of cooperation within the House I believe the opposition is fully justified in this move and that the Governor General when / if asked must give them the opportunity to try and govern. A new election so soon after the last one, with a probable similar result of a non majority government of one type or another, is not an option.