Friday, January 5, 2007

This is Milton, not Mayberry

The Champion hasn't printed my latest letter yet, but they did publish this sad little tale in the 'Letters to the Editor' section today.

Call me uncharitable, but reading this person's account of his wife having two weeks pay stolen out of her purse after leaving it in a public washroom brings two questions immediately to mind:

1) How can anyone possibly be surprised at this? Seems to me the same thing happened in "It's a Wonderful Life", and while everyone was upset, no one was really shocked. I'm guessing these people would also be shocked if they accidentally left their front door unlocked, went away for a weekend and returned to find their plasma TV stolen by wicked, heartless thieves.

You know, if her purse had been returned with the cash I'm sure there would have been a heartwarming letter about the honesty and integrity of the good people of small town Milton.

And 2), what the hell was she doing with two weeks pay IN CASH in her purse?! You know, we have these things called banks now that will give you debit cards and such so you don't have to walk around with hundreds of dollars in your purse. There was a reference in the letter to a mortgage payment, so presumably they at least have a mortgage account in a bank somewhere and aren't depending solely on Money Mart to manage their finances.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is some valid reason why she had to cash her pay cheque instead of depositing it. Maybe she pays her mortgage in cash. Maybe she was going to buy a really, really expensive winter coat somewhere where they don't take debit.

Maybe I'm just a cynical bitch, but I really don't think anyone should be shocked to discover that people in a small town are just as susceptible to temptation, or carelessness, as anyone else.

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