Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Just Call Me Roger

I recently teamed up with columnist Murray Townsend to write movie reviews for our local paper. Murray (in case you don't know) is primarily a sports writer who also does a regular 'slice-o-life' column for the Milton Champion. Kinda like Andy Rooney with a hockey stick.

For years now, Murray and I have had an ongoing dispute over his terrible taste in movies. He would write about how much he hates all Canadian movies and anything by Spike Lee, and I would submit a rather eloquent letter defending both. Then he would spend the next few months mentioning my name in his column, usually along the lines of "This is really boring and highbrow - I bet Jennifer Smith would love it".

Up until recently, this war of words had been confined to the 'Letters to the Editor' section of the paper. Then one day I suggested that we do an 'Ebert & Roeper'-style column, and the next thing I knew I had become...

A Professional Journalist!

Ok, so it's only 150-200 words once a month, and a significant percentage of what I get paid for it is reimbursement for the movie ticket. But it's a start.

You can read our most recent review column at The Milton Champion by searching on 'Jennifer Smith'. I've added links to older reviews, published and unpublished, on the sidebar and I will be posting future reviews here. Our next review is due out January 12th.

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