Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rocco Rossi's New Friend

You know, I really didn't mind Rocco Rossi so much while he was Fundraiser-in-Chief for the Liberals. Although I did raise an eyebrow when the big cash influx from the Convention was being touted as proof of his powers.

Then he started running for Mayor of Toronto, and it's like any semblance of Liberalism just seemed to fall away like a lizard skin.

But just in case any Liberals out there still feel the need to continue supporting our former National Director just because he's a good guy, consider who else is supporting him:

This Tory is backing a Liberal
by Michael Taube

I've written many words and phrases in my career, but I never thought I'd write this next line. Yet it's true: this November, I'm going to vote for a Liberal.

After some reflection, I've decided to cast my ballot for Rocco Rossi to be the next mayor of Toronto. I believe he's the best choice for Toronto-area conservatives and libertarians and I hope other like-minded individuals eventually reach the same conclusion.

Good enough for me. Then again, I don't live in Toronto anymore.


  1. I congratulate conservative Michael Taube for supporting liberal Rocco Rossi.  Then again, there are no so-called conservative candidates running for mayor.  Also, canadidates for mayor and councillor positions do not run under party labels.  Essentially, all candidates are independents.  There is no party designation on the ballot.

    Mr. Rossi has the right wing of Toronto politics open to him.  He can be as conservative as he wants because he knows that it is unlikely that there will be a conservative candidate running for mayor.  His unofficial Liberal label means that he can call himself a liberal while espousing right wing promises.

    Heck, the former Conservative prermier of Ontario, Mike Harris, could call himself a liberal and promise the same things that Rocco Rossi is promising.  Michael Taube would support Mike Harris, the Liberal candidate for mayor.

    I wish Rocco Rossi and the other mayoral candiates well.  I don't think we should think of Michael Taube as a compassionte conservative for supporting Mr. Rossi's conservative beliefs under a liberal label.

  2. A neo-conservative in Liberal drapery?

  3. <span>I question so called conservative Michael Taube for supporting Liberal Rocco Rossi when there are no platforms announced. For example, is he aware of the right wing's only candiate Rocco Achampong? His campaign team is well stocked with Conservatives, both federal and provincial. While Rocco Achampong is rolling out his platforms, you have so called "conservatives" backing Liberals based on ignorance. Now I plead with the other conservatives, do your homework and avoid the shallow pitfalls as we are represented, the right is represented by Rocco Achampong! </span>

  4. You're kidding, right?