Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today, She's Sorry

It certainly looked convincing. But I would be a lot more inclined to believe that this was a sincere, heartfelt apology instead of just another calculated political manoeuvre if she had done this TWENTY-FOUR HOURS AGO!

UPDATE: I'm wondering if Raitt's sudden remorse has anything to do with an overwhelming flood of angry messages at her constituency office. I'm thinking this after checking the keyword stats at my HaltonWatch blog, which has contact info for her constituency office:

I think maybe I'll take a drive by and see if there are any angry protesters.


  1. I said it's calculated - poor her, her own family suffered cancer - with others it was sexy....

    If sincere, she would of had empathy months ago before uttering her despicable comments and showing her true colours.

  2. During the campaign, she countered any criticism of the Conservative government's arts cuts by repeatedly pointing out that her husband is a comedian. And she inevitably defended the government's pathetic child care policy by trotting out her kids.

    Because apparently having a family means that she isn't really a cold-hearted, sanctimonious bitch.

  3. Jennifer

    Watch how aware she is of the cameras, eyes directly trying to make contact. That isn't by accident, the PMO handlers would have told her to do it, so it speaks to contrived. I'll also note, when she started crying she stopped doing that for a few seconds, then the wheels started turning again and she did the puppy dog to the camera.

    If she was sincere, we would have seen it yesterday, this is just DAMAGE CONTROL.

  4. Raitt needs to resign!!!!!!!!

    She is now blaming the Liberals and has indicated that the "Liberals hid the problem" (according to her comments in QP after a question by Ralph Goodale).

  5. I still say we nail her tits to the table (said in my best Yellow Beard voice)

  6. Installment Two Wind Whiners and "I hope I don't get the blame"

    So now it's not about Jim Prentice personally it's he grabbed my money - budget wise.

    This government is so cynical they have no passion for us - oh Lisa go away please.

    CanWEA are whiners because the oil patch got their money??

    Fossil fuel vs Wind? Who would you fund? Why fossil 'cause it's sexy...

  7. Hey Jennifer, I was just reading your most recent post - very informative. Saw this and wanted to say that when I watched and read the "apology" and broke it down, those words she chose were so slick, that examined under the microscope they only amount to "I only regret I got caught". She got away with what amounted to no actual apology at all yet was credited with saying sorry. Interesting. I guess 'Gov.' means never having to say you're sorry.
    If you're interested I posted a breakdown of it on Greater Fool at #75:

    Also, while I'm typing, on is an update he has been asked to run in Caledon and the article he posted says he will make a decision within a week or so.

    Still enjoying your blog.

  8. "Because apparently having a family means that she isn't really a cold-hearted, sanctimonious bitch."
    And having a blog means you're not an unwashed witchcraft worshipping scruffy looking skank.

  9. You've obviously never seen me in my party dress.

    Now you'll have to excuse me while I go cry in my office...

  10. @ Anonymous - Is that you Ms. Raitt? Don't you talk to my sister like that. Frankly, I think you said all that dumb stuff just to look cool in front of your assistant.

  11. You can put a party dress on a pig but it's still a pig.

  12. And on that charming note, I think we're done here. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  13. And keep your snout close to the trough