Saturday, November 24, 2007

And Then There Were Two

Australia’s long dark teatime of the soul is finally over.

Prime Minister John Howard - neo-con, monetarist, xenophobe, racist, warmonger, global warming enabler, and all around Bush toady - has lost the election to Kevin Rudd and the Labour Party. Right now it looks like Howard will even lose his own seat.

Goodbye, good riddance, and don’t let the House door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Rudd has his work cut out for him, and has already announced that he’ll be ratifying Kyoto and pulling Australian troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. Good luck to him. Here’s hoping eleven years of Howard’s Friedmanite economic policies don’t take as long to recover from as, say, the Harris experiment in Ontario. The damage to the global environment, Aboriginal treaties, Iraq, and Australia’s international reputation might take even longer to fix.

So, let’s see. Blair is gone, replaced by the much more sensible Gordon Brown. Howard is toast. That leaves… Stephen Harper as Bush’s one and only true and bestest friend.

Any bets on which one goes down next?


  1. I'm crossing my fingers and toes really hard that it's Harper.

  2. "Australia’s long dark teatime of the soul is finally over."

    And she's back! ;)