Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go Away or I Shall Taunt You a Second Time!

I’m not sure why, but apparently some denizens of the Blogging Tory universe are shocked and outraged that an event hosted by a Liberal MP featuring the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada should have a significant number of Liberals in attendance.

Garth Turner emailed me last night to let me know that Repocreepo over at ‘What's Right is Right’ (the new blog exclusively devoted to Hating Garth) had publicly accused me of being some sort of Liberal plant at the EcoSummit on Friday. Mr. Creepo’s complaint seemed to be that Turner had described the crowd attending as "not pre-screened or pre-selected in any way", and held me up as an example of someone who had been ‘pre-selected’, thus proving that Garth Turner is a dirty dirty liar.

I normally don’t bother with this sort of nonsense, but I found it irritating that someone was using something I wrote to attack someone else. So I dove in and did my best to explain the facts to this fellow.

I’m not sure why I bothered.

According to comments by Creepo’s Conservative (and strangely anonymous) compatriots I am not only a Liberal shill, but apparently I have only been pretending to criticize and poke fun at Garth Turner to cover up the fact that I’m just another one of his breathless, adoring sycophants.

I could continue with this little game, but I’ve already been to kindergarten so I know how these things go. To summarize:

JSmith: Really, I’m not just pretending to think that Garth Turner is a self-aggrandizing proponent of some objectionably Conservative economic policies - I really do!

BloggingTory (pick one): Oh no you don’t! You’re just a faker! Faker faker faker!

JS: No, really! It’s true!

BT: Oh yeah? Then prove it! Show everyone the picture of his ‘defaced’ office’. I dare you! I double dare you!

JS: Ok, ok - here. See? Everyone thought he got a brick through his window or something, but it was just a silly poster:

(hey BT isn’t that your license plate reflected in the window?)

BT: AH HA!! See? That proves it! You only want us to THINK that you’re making fun of him, when in fact you’re REALLY making fun of him to make us think that… wait a minute. What was I saying? Oh yeah - you’re a… a… LIBERAL!

JS: Well, yeah, I’m a Liberal…


See? Wasn’t that so much more entertaining?


  1. Just toss those mad dancing dawgs a few bones and they will keep you entertained for hours and hours with madding and crazy yapping and dancing.

    Still the EcoSummit was great fun to attend.

    Now lets listen to dawgs howl so more